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posted by Christina Moore on October 21, 2016

This is a constant theme amongst automotive dealerships, whether you are selling new or used vehicles.  If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘ROI’, it stands for Return on Investment and is essentially the cost you spend per lead vs. the leads these costs generate.  As a dealership, you are constantly trying to maximize your returns for the lowest possible cost.  When Craigslist was a free posting service, this was much easier as you spent nearly nothing to advertise, helping to optimize your ROI.  Then, a new era dawned and Craigslist began charging, creating a completely different system.

Optimize Craigslist Posting ROI 

If you’re wondering if this did anything to lower Craigslist’s popularity or knock it down as the world’s #1 classifieds site, it did not.  Not only is Craigslist still the most used classifieds site, it is still growing in popularity.  To this day, the majority of internet users will check Craigslist first when they’re looking for a used or pre-owned car.  This means that you, as a dealer of vehicles, must find a way to not only list your cars on Craigslist, but set them apart from the thousands of other ads.


As a premier Craigslist posting service for dealerships, Auto Classified Solutions specializes in setting your ads apart from the other ads.  We are constantly changing and improving our ads while allowing you to customize your layout instead of being forced to use a premade template.  While we do focus on getting your ads as close to the top of the searches as possible, we also feel it is important that the posts be attractive and simple.  It is proven that having too much going on in an advertisement can actually repel people from that ad.


While every Craigslist user is different, there is a general rule to live by when considering how Craigslist users search for cars.  The folks here at ACS have been involved in using Craigslist for car ads for many years and adjust to the changes as they happen.  Our posting tool is versatile and can be used anywhere in the United States.  If you’re looking for experts that can give you the best customer service and have excellent insight into using Craigslist for lead generation, then you have come to the right place.

While ACS is based in the Seattle area, we love hearing from people in Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Utah, dealerships in the Midwest, dealerships on the East Coast and every other state in the country.  Simply dial 888-910-6647 for more information.

posted by Christina Moore on October 7, 2016

There is some controversy amongst us Craigslist experts as to the best way to present your Craigslist car ads to users searching for cars.  While getting your ads near the top of a car search is important, exploiting the system can make your ads look less attractive and put off potential clients.  The key is finding the balance that puts your ads near the top but doesn’t completely bog the post down with keywords and unnecessary characters.

Craigslist Advertising Tactics

Anyone browsing Craigslist for their next car is not going to choose the first car they see.  They will look at dozens of ads to see which ones have the best prices and are located nearby.  The key to gaining interest from a potential buyer is to be honest and transparent.  Let them know the price of the car and its condition.  Let them know what kind of credit you’re willing to work with.  Let them know what you’re willing to take as a down payment.  Studies show that the generation we call “millennials” do not receive advertising well, but prefer simple information.

As you use our system to build your vehicle Craigslist ads, you will be able to customize the look and information users will see.  Make sure your information is thorough, easy to read and doesn’t give the sense of pushy sales tactics.  If you have a good car for a good price, a potential buyer will see this and put you at the top of the list for cars to check out Saturday morning.  If your posts are not generating the amount of interest you were hoping for, compare your prices with similar cars in the area and adjust accordingly.

Hands-Free Craigslist Posting Tool

Our automated Craigslist ads for dealerships are meant for you to not have to worry about your ads if that is how you prefer to advertise.  However, you can still change prices around easily using our tool if you find that you need to lower or raise the price of a car at any given time.  Our ACS tool connects directly with your inventory feed so that any changes you make in your inventory will also change in our system.  It is your choice whether you want to go hands-free or be a hands-on ad poster.

While our office is located in the Seattle area, the business is a digital one and can therefore be used anywhere in the world.  Whether you are in Arizona, Texas, Oregon or any other state, we can help you generate leads using the #1 used car classifieds website.